Yokarlılar Real Estate
Yokarlılar Emlak, Bodrum


We are serving as Yokarlılar Real Estate Consulting to improve the lives and environments of our advisees.

Founded in 2000 by Hasan Yokarlı, Yokarlılar Real Estate Consultancy is one of Bodrum's leading real estate consultants. Since 2000, we have been providing innovative real estate solutions that add tangible value to our customers and clients. We care about delivering solutions to our customers' needs and aspirations and building a relationship based on mutual trust. That's why we listen carefully to your needs and requests and help you with clear solutions that have been thought out. To keep our trust relationship alive, we're putting honesty and dedication first.

Who Are We?

We are a solution partner who serves under the legal personality of the Yokarlı Real Estate Consultancy and we work as a large team. Hasan Yokarlı, the founder of our company, takes over the leadership of our team. Yokarlı, a local denizen of Bodrum Yalıkavak, is one of the people who know the value of Bodrum and the sea well. Yokarlı, who is a member of many associations in Bodrum, is also a founding member of the Association for Nature and Environment Protection of Bodrum Peninsula. Yokarlı is contributing to the development of Bodrum as a solution partner and is also working to protect Bodrum's unique nature during these developments.

Even after the establishment of Yokarlılar Real Estate Consulting, even in a short period, it has succeed to be a solution partner in the field of real estate consulting for valuable business person and legal entities in the region. Yokarlılar Real Estate Consultancy, which is strengthened every day thanks to the trust and honesty it gives to its valuable customers, of which it is a solution partner, has proved its success in Bodrum and its surroundings in a short time and has strong references.

We have left behind more than 20 years in which we have taken care of building trust and valued lasting bonds. We are glad to be their solution partner by providing the best solutions to our customers and advisees in the long term. We are inspired by our past and think that we can better shape the future together with our clients.

We know that our colleagues and customers need to cooperate to transform our business and the real estate sector. Thank you for trusting us in this process and choosing us as your solution partner.
Yalıkavak, Çökertme İş Merkezi No: 1-3-4
Bodrum / Muğla / Türkiye

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